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Since 1999 PF Publishing has produced premium training manuals and multimedia courses for North American clients, primarily in the Pulp & Paper and Energy sectors.

With Offices in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, PF Publishing is positioned to provide high quality, cost-effective training solutions for clients throughout North America and Australasia.

PF Publishing produces tailored specialist technical training material for corporations requiring a large amount of data to be clearly understood in a smart and visually appealing way.


We develop site-specific training for process operators, technicians, maintenance personnel, etc.

We fast-track the Analysis phase of your Training Project and move rapidly to the Development Phase, which means you soon see tangible results for your investment.

We learn your process, and then explain it to your trainees using a logical sequence, at an appropriate level-of-detail, and in a clear engaging manner.





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We also create illustrated/annotated procedures for training or performing safety-critical tasks

We use ample full colour 2D and 3D Graphics to illustrate process concepts, equipment, and flows.

We create Multimedia training files (animation, video, audio) for use in eLearning delivery systems.

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